About us

Patawa is a small company manufacturing artisanal sport fishing lures located in the south west of France, born from a passion for tracking bluefin tuna on hunts and sport fish abroad.

All the lures that we offer are the result of a rigorous selection in order to best meet your expectations in terms of different types, sizes and weights, which best correspond to the fish sought after both on our coasts and abroad

After more than 10 years of designing and manufacturing prototypes of different materials, we decided to work with Paulownia wood, a resistant, solid wood, with a perfect density for the lures that we offer.

The difficulties and failures encountered in obtaining the swimming desired were numerous.

We had to work on the shape and internal balancing for many years in order to obtain swimming that was satisfactory to us and especially to those of the fish.

All lures are made by hand one by one using machines produced in limited quantities, all meeting very precise specifications.

Many technical steps are necessary to go from raw wood to a finished product.

All this involves cutting, shaping and sanding at several stages of manufacturing, with the addition of all high quality materials: The stainless through frame as well as the internal balancing, sealing of the lure in 2 parts with glue epoxy for extreme adhesion.

The lures are then protected with different epoxies (10 layers in total), resulting from particular techniques and sanding at several stages in order to obtain a waterproof, hard and resistant lure.

All lures pass in an oven at very specific temperature levels in order to obtain all the mechanical properties of the products used.

Patawa is a human-sized company in constant evolution, run by fishermen for fishermen, we listen to suggestions and recommendations in order to evolve in our common passion which is sport fishing.